Expression that you can't hide

We see the essential element of expression when we're behind the camera.

We see the essential element of expression when we're behind the camera. The emotions surrounding this period of time in your relationship, our communication, and the photography itself, with its artistic and technical aspects is crucial. Sometime we have to dig it out your self, but sometimes it's naturally born without any efforts.

Yes, it happened instantly! Wow, you can imagine a person who normally a shy person being individually open and quickly adapt in a foreign environment. One important factor is a warm relationship between each other. Nothing is awkward and there is no need to be covered up. C'mon you are the king and the queen of the special moment. Don't lose the mood for nothing!

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Cinematic Wedding Video

Cinematic Weddings Video has refined the art of digital videography, and we take the utmost pride in our art form. We don't just create wedding videos, we create true "movie like" wedding films. We try to make each video distinct from the rest. We're not a wedding video factory which mass produces videos with the same template. We prefer to spend more time on the artistic process to create our artwork. Cinematic Weddings pride themselves on creating fun and memorable Wedding Videos that cater to each couple's unique personalities. The natural and candid style of capturing the most memorable moments, works perfectly with our "movie like"editing techniques, and that is truly the difference between just a wedding video... and a wedding film. Not all weddings are Cinematic. There are specific things to look for, including the following: Story Telling, great Imagery, High Definition (Camera), GlideCam (ingenuous tool that keeps the camera balanced when you walk or run), Professional Microphones, Multi-camera, Pre-Interviews, Editing Techniques. First and foremost behind every great cinematic wedding is good story telling.

Wedding Photo

We believe that real moments will never fade away, that’s why we always do our best to bring priceless emotions at those precious moments into your wedding photographs. So many years from now, when you look back at your wedding photographs, you can remember what you felt at that time, not just what you looked like.

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Prewedding Video

In simple terms, Prewedding video is an interwoven stories about a pair of brides who will build a family in the form of film or video. Your prewedding video is like a beautiful dream, it can be whatever you will it to be. And we like dreamers. It could be the reliving of your love story, a slice of life film and even a reenactment of your favourite movies. If you can dream it, we can do it. We can assure you that they’ll be smiles, laughter, cheers and even tears of joy on the day the film is premiered at your wedding reception.

Prewedding Photo

Your personality is something unique. Your pre-wedding photographs should represent you and your loved one's personality. Photos that can tell your own love story. Photos that can make you laugh, cry, scream, smile, howl, even kiss your fiancé. It is so touchy. There is a blending of romantic and dramatic within a frame of awesome panoramic surroundings. It's something you can look at in the future, to remind you of your special day and that precious moment.

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Prewedding Behind The Scene

Prewedding photo behind the scenes is a video made during a prewedding photography session was taken, and usually will be displayed at the reception, just before the couple entering the wedding procession. We premiered the features at their reception before their entrance and it was such a fun, unique way to introduce the Bride and Groom while telling their TRUE story of how they met and how their wedding day came to be.

In 'behind the scene' photography, in addition to the photographs also added ambience of surrounding situation. So the image will record a candid atmosphere at the time, like a fun bride and groom with their tears and laughter, joking, and so forth. Surely it would portray the mood of the spontaneous moments, the humor that arises due to various unexpected behavior, and of course the atmosphere as a whole while taking a photo.

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